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Why does PAWS regret admissions very frequently?

This is why! Please read the dog list below. 24 dogs as permanent sheltered and take up 50% of shelter space. After releasing of sterilized dogs, there are still 8 of them remaining. Only 10 dogs are inmates as 'Treatment Cases'.

Why do we have so many permanent sheltered dogs? Because we get the worst possible cases as animal lovers urge us to take them and in many cases the treatment period exceeds 3 months. By that time the person who admitted becomes out of contact or the dog has lost its habitat and cannot be released to the street location OR the dog never recovers from its handicap and does not have the capacity to live independently.

So, what is the solution? The solution lies in the hands of animal lovers who want PAWS and PAWS only to treat their cases. They must try heart and soul to get those dogs adopted, because we have already made them fully fit and domesticated or we have made them self-supporting if there is a human to give them food and shelter.

We notice that those who regularly benefit from PAWS, they do not ever share our adoption posts and help to get our dogs adopted. It is their performance that will ultimately be the performance of PAWS.

We have comfortable shelter space of 35 dogs and since the last 2 months we have been struggling with a load of 50+ until we started taking drastic and heartbreaking regrets to reduce the load on our space and staff. There is too much demand for sterilization and we must reserve space for at least 15 sterilization cases.

Dog list as on 20/10/19:

1 Alo Permanent Shelter
2 Indubala Permanent Shelter
3 Adamas Permanent Shelter
4 Bamon Permanent Shelter
5 Milli Permanent Shelter
6 Tiger Permanent Shelter
7 Lovely Permanent Shelter
8 Blackoo Permanent Shelter
9 Fortune Permanent Shelter
10 Mishtu Permanent Shelter
11 James Permanent Shelter
12 Lalu Permanent Shelter
13 Hriday Permanent Shelter
14 Oscar Permanent Shelter
15 Boltu Permanent Shelter
16 Kalu Permanent Shelter
17 Tunu Permanent Shelter
18 Haru Permanent Shelter
19 Katum Permanent Shelter
20 Malini Permanent Shelter
21 Kelt Hound Male Puppy Permanent Shelter
22 Bull Hound Male Puppy Permanent Shelter
23 Bull Hound Female Puppy Permanent Shelter
24 Pinki Permanent Shelter

25 Female Sterilization
26 Female Sterilization
27 Female Sterilization
28 Female Sterilization
29 Female Sterilization
30 Female Sterilization
31 Female Sterilization
32 Female Sterilization

Treatment cases:
33 Banori with 7 puppies Paikpara, Debanjan Sarkar
34 Hero Belgharia, Megha Chakrabarty
35 Simba Sodepur, Rupali Lodh
36 Bhitu Bhadreswar, Somnath Shil
37 Junku Belgharia, Sandipan Daw
38 Kalpa New Town, Souvik Mukherjee
39 Bheblu Barasat, Nilanjana
40 Sondha Sondalia, Sonali Biswas
41 Aditya Barasat, Aditi Das
42 Debi Dum Dum, Debanjan Sarkar
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We had requested Passive Adopter for this grand Rajapalayam of Bengal @ ₹1,250 per month! Mrs. Debjani Datta, Principal of Budge Budge College has so kindly adopted him passively in the fond memory of her Late Father Pannalal Datta until he is ready for adoption at any house.

He is Oscar and deserves an Oscar for best innocent looking villain. Look at his face. You think he can bite? Yes, he's very angry inside for having been abused by the owner for 4 yrs of his middle aged life. He's been with us since 4 months and we have just managed to calm him down to what you see in video and he's been sterilized on 14/10/19.

He will be adoptable by a household that has a large bodied male member and a family that would not mess with him by petting him like a baby. He will be a fantastic guard dog to be left loose in a courtyard of a large house to keep intruders away with his deep and fearsome bark.

His history:
#CaseNo570, 01/06/19, Uttarpara, domestic pet dog, male of 4yrs named Oscar. [See previous/ original condition in any post through link at bottom]. Rajapalayam dogs are born in Bengal also like this Oscar who's featured in the post, but Bengalis have only one name for it--Neri Kutta.

Case of Tiasha Ghosh, admitted with acute fungal infections all over the body and leading to a rotting infection of the paws of front legs caused due to utter neglect by his family. He's a Bengal version of the prized Rajapalayam Hound born on the streets and captured as puppy for being kept as household pet. Lack of proper guidance in dog care has resulted in this condition. We shall not give him back to original owner.

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Kolkata Adoption Alert! Contact PAWS at 8420386536.

Here's Tunu! Male, 1.5 yrs old and neutered, vaccinated and what else do you need?

Did you know that the Dingo is a celebrated natural dog of Australia?

Did you know that it's direct relative is in India and is called the Indian Pariah?

Did you know that Australia was once a part of the modern day Indian subcontinent before the continental drift before the birth of humans?

Yes, dogs are on this earth since the last 20,000 years and man was born 10,000 yrs ago.

And here's Tunu at PAWS who bears every characteristics of the original Indian Pariah.

See him play with a human here in the video. See him play with other dogs at www.facebook.com/1490798644550799/posts/2199314357032554/

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If you want your sheltered stray dogs to be well tolerated in a housing complex, develop good human relations with the guards and they will guard the dogs. ... See MoreSee Less

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#CaseNo624, 18/10/2019, Barasat, Dak Bungalow More, Pariah Mix Male named Aditya admitted with severe maggot infested wound on shoulder and severely dehydrated condition and nearly dying.

Random case of rescue by PAWS member Aditi Das and Nilanjana Roy from a location where a group of animal lovers are supposed to be active, but this dog had not received their attention.

Update, 20/10/19:
The condition of the dog is serious and as noticed today, dead Maggots have come out with his stools. Raised suspicion that they must have eaten into his intestines as well after entering through the shoulder. Keeping our fingers crossed and trying to save his life.

Donation received:
Nothing at all. None expected from the local group of animal lovers or passerby people on the road.

Expenses Estimated:
₹1,800 if he lives through one week.

Please help PAWS to meet deficits where mentor can't pay at all or there is no mentor.

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