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#CaseNo632, 08/11/19, Barasat, Bengal Rat Terrier male puppy of 1.5 months named 'Chhotku' admitted with grievous injury of a broken jaw and head injury that caused a comatose condition caused by vehicle run-over.

Tragic outcome:
Despite everything being done, the poor baby went away silently because Bengal didn't want him, Bengali animal lovers wouldn't adopt him.

Case of Raj Sikdar from Sisir Kunja, Barasat which a huge housing complex. If people from large housing complexes do not want to pay for treatment of the animals they feel for, then NGOs cannot absorb the cost of their feelings.

We've repeatedly urged the animal lovers of that housing to join PAWS as members and gain strength against animal torture and killing, but they were not convinced. As a result they will continue to see the death of dogs. Unless animal lovers unite under the banner of functioning NGOs, none can save the animals.

Donation received:
₹100 ONLY from the mentor who initially wanted to pay ₹50 that was refused by us.

Please help PAWS by:
1) Imparting awareness about the need for safe and mindful driving by a class that comprises professional drivers.

2) Spreading the knowledge of 'Obstructive Driving' within animal lovers as shown at www.facebook.com/1490798644550799/posts/2237989089831747/

3) By contributing to the cost of leaflet campaigning amongst vehicle drivers by paid volunteers along the road and all licensing offices of RTOs.

4) Hitting the 'Subscribe' button at Channel PAWS on YouTube to let PAWS earn Ad revenue and beg less. YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbUWiVwk3ifqnL4ODaakxg

Donation to PAWS can be done in 4 ways:

A/C Name: Pashupati Animal Welfare Society
A/c .no- 35646300954
Current Account
SBI Dum Dum Branch,
5/1, Jessore Rd, DumDum, Kolkata 700 080
IFSC SBIN0002054

TWO: (Only in India)
By paying through PayTM to account linked Mobile Number -7003692051

Paytm Bank Account:
Prasenjit Dutta
Account No. 917003692051
IFSC Code PYTM0123456

Bhim UPI 25054777@paytm

#criticaldogcare #ngoshelters #animaltreatment #maggotwound
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Phantom Hound নাম আমরা দিয়েছি Kennel Club of Indians থেকে। কেন? Phantom মানে অশরীরী। মনে আছে 'চলমান অশরীরী'? অর্থাৎ বেতাল বা অরণ্যদেব। আজকাল অবশ্যই সেই সব কমিকস কেউ পড়ে না, অরণ্যদেব কি জন্তু তা জানার জন্য 70 থেকে 80 র দশকে যাদের বাল্যকাল ছিল, তাদের জিগ্গেস করবেন।

এই জাতীয় কুকুর, এক তো এদের মুখাবয়ব একটু ভুতুড়ে দেখতে। তার উপরে এদের চলাফেরা ভীষণ নিঃশব্দ। কখন যে চুপিসারে পাশে এসে দাঁড়াবে, টের পাবেন না। তাই ওই নাম দেওয়া হয়েছে।
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At long last, calling PAWS is easy now! Just go to www.pawsrescue.in from your mobile and click on the 'Call us' button as you see in the screenshot.

Our call attendant will guide you about what information we need you to WhatsApp to him so that we can act fast on your request if it's within our capacity or he will guide you to other help depending upon your location.
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