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He's still not adopted. Likely to die at our shelter of simple heartbreak.

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Distemper Alert and Cure!

Successfully tested on three cases at PAWS shelter from day one when first symptoms appeared.

The first symptom noticeable suddenly one morning in each our cases was trembling movements of the lower jaw and some frothing salivation. Immediate medication started instantly.

The effectiveness of the medication was observed through a lack of progress of the diseases to the following other symptoms that didn't appear at all as the medication continued:

1) Twitching of the ears and muscles above the skull.
2) Trembling of the neck and convulsion motions in the neck at one second intervals.
3) Hardening of the paw pads and rapid clicking motion of jaws.
4) Trembling of rear legs and muscle weakness.
5) Food refusal.
6) Twitching and seizures in one or both hind legs.
7) Total paralysis of rear legs.

The following treatment system had been followed for dogs of 15 kg body weight as per advices of our consultant vets and none of the above symptoms appeared. The dogs survived in fully fit condition but with minor traces of head twitching and jaw trembling.

* Neurobion forte inj - 1 ml od × 7 day's
Then Neurobion forte tab, 1 tab od × 1 month.
* Orofer XT+ syrup - 5 ml od × 15 days.
* Doxtsl 100 1 tab od × 21 days.
* Liv 52 syrup 5 ml od × 1 month.
* zincovit syrup 5ml od × 1 month.
* Immunol syrup 5 ml bd × 15 days.
* Health Up Pro 5 ml bd × 15 days.

Homeopathy med -
* Distemperinum 30, 5 drops × 4 times daily
* Aconite nap 200, 8 drops × 4 times daily
* nux vom 8 drop's × 4 times daily
* carbo veg 8 drops × 4 times daily

Distemperinum 30 available ONLY at Modern Homoe, Bowbazar.

[Name] Modern Homoeo World Uttam Poddar;
[Phone] 94 33 143437;
[Phone] 89 61 214138;
[Phone] 033 6452 0810;
[Phone] 92 31 521104;
[Phone] 96 74 151355;
[Email] modernhomoeo2010@gmail.com;
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#CaseNo583, 09/07/19, Barasat, close to PAWS Shelter, 2-3 yrs old maggot affected dog.

Random case of rescue by PAWS staff and no mentor to pay for him. The dog who had bitten him had also been admitted a few days back with similar injuries. We hope they will go out as friends.

Estimated Cost: At least ₹1,800 for a prolonged treatment of one month.

Donation received: Nothing at all.

Kind donors are requested to help PAWS in treating dogs who have no mentors.

Donation to PAWS can be done in 3 ways:

A/C Name: Pashupati Animal Welfare Society
A/c no- 35646300954
Current Account
SBI Dum Dum Branch
IFSC SBIN0002054

TWO: (Only in India)
By paying through PayTM to account linked Mobile Number -7003692051

Paytm Bank Account:
Prasenjit Dutta
Account No. 917003692051
IFSC Code PYTM0123456
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