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Mass Feeding: In Joint Venture with Police!!!

The picture here is symbolic, but similar to what's going to happen at 3pm on 31.03.20 at Haritala, Barasat.

Under the orders of SP (Traffic) Barasat Division, Policemen are going to feed dogs at Barasat from tomorrow onwards, working shoulder to shoulder with PAWS Feeders in an act of Joint Venture with PAWS!

This unprecedented move by Police has been initiated by respected SP of the District, under recommendation of IC Barasat as a mark of appreciation of what service PAWS is providing to stray animals.

For this purpose Police Department has donated rice and dal from staff mess, which shall be provided every alternate day in quantities that they can spare. The time that they will spare is more important to us.

This is a landmark development that will encourage several ordinary people to start feeding dogs when they see policemen doing it.
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Ecologically it's more important to save cats from hunger deaths. They are the front liners against rats.

They are difficult to feed unless you're a familiar 'animal' to them. Please try to trick at least 2 cats in your area to accept your food. You have to be really clever.

Watch their thief like movements. Keep food on their usual tracks in such a manner that they should be able to steal the food. Stealing is important for their digestion.

Don't try to hand feed until they become familiar to you. If once they become fearful, they will never come near you again.

If you win the confidence of 2 cats, the rest of the starving lot will also come automatically through their biological signals.
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They are disciplined. They know what distance to maintain and they are patient.

But do you have a heart? Do you know why they are waiting? Do you know how little it costs to feed them a snack?
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Mass Feed:
Near Chinar Park, Victoria Hotel. Business owners should feed animals and pray to our Creator that He should lift the Curse of Corona!

Our mass communication continues with the less learned class who know the value of animals.
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Death and Disease Awaits Mankind!

See this trailer captured by PAWS. Here's Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata--the seat of affluent businesses that do not care for animals.

The rest of the story is told through the video captions.
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