Vice President: Jayati Choudhury – Advertising Professional and Business Owner

Jayati Choudhury
Vice President PAWS
Academic Qualification : B.E.,  MBA.

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  1. We stay at kolkata needs your support regrading to save our innocent Kitten’s(Cats) life because some of few person are trying capturing, killing, poisoning, snaring, and trapping of innocent Kitten(Cats) and every attempt to do so. So in this regards could you please help me out in this regard Because at the end of the day,

    We just got to know on-today that few persons have problem with kitten’s stool.So i would request you to issue them Waring letter each of them to capturing, killing, poisoning, snaring, and trapping of innocent Kitten(Cats) and every attempt to do so
    If you need the address of each of them then i will ready to share the address of all inhuman person,If they will receive any sort of waring from ur organisation might be they all stop by doing all these.
    it’s all about the animals. And we all want the best for every one, don’t we? Kindly please message me if you can help me. Thanks in advance
    awaiting to ur repl

    • Please read the standard and general message below that I always send out to collect info of cruelty cases. Please respond as per what may be applicable in your case…and as best as you can.

      Please mail me to with all info as follows:

      1) All details of atrocity, offenses against cats/ dogs, names, addresses & mobile numbers of yourselves and suspects/ offenders if any, with photos of cats or dogs in distress if possible.

      2) Soft offenses such as–don’t like, talks rubbish, abuses etc. are not possible to prosecute.

      3) All facts, proofs, evidences and witnesses must be included.

      4) Exact location details with street address, ward no and local police station name, name and phone number of local councillor must be mentioned.

      5) If any type of document, letter, written complaint is already there regarding your matter, please also email that through good quality scan as image file, NOT as PDF.

      Only then I’ll be able to take it up from there on behalf of People for Animals–PFA and Pashupati Animal Welfare Society.

      Your initial details can be sent by whatsapp.

      Please write your entire matter in one paragraph starting with name, complete address of the person in trouble and the trouble maker. Everything should come in a single email with a clear subject line indicating your location and nature of cruelty.

      Emailed communication is preferred for photos or image files. I shall not be able to download ANY images on my mobile to save memory.

      Prasenjit Dutta,
      -Activist-People for Animals,
      -Secretary cum Coordinator,
      Pashupati Animal Welfare Society-PAWS,
      Whatsapp 8420386536.

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